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Mole Removal.

Mole Removal

Moles are very common on skin. A small mole near lip adds to beauty of face. But when they become big and protrude out of skin, they are unsightly. They can be easily removed with radiofrequency machines.

  • Radiofrequency unit working at 3.8 MHz is used for Radio surgery.
  • It can be used for various skin growths like- Moles, Warts, Molluscum, Skin tags, Seborrhoeic Keratoses, Xanthelasma. Keloid , Sebaceous Cysts and Skin cancers, etc.
  • It is also used for Acne-Scar resurfacing surgery.
  • Because of peculiar 'cut-coagulation' mode, bleeding during procedure is minimum.
  • Hence it can also be used for vascular growths.
  • Cosmetic end results are excellent with Radiosurgery.
  • It is a simple, rapid, stitchless, OPD procedure, usually requiring local anaesthesia.

Small lesions does not require anesthesia. Hence many lesions can be operated at same time.