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Hair Loss Treatment.

Hair Loss Treatment

Healthy, long hairs are important for ones appearance and personality. It gives beautiful frame to face. Therefore losing hair in large number is disheartening experience to many. Hair loss, baldness, split hairs, premature graying, dandruff are very commonly faced problems.

Hair loss can occur because of various reasons. Dietary pritein and vitamin deficiency, stress, hormonal imbalances, side effects of some drugs, fungal infections, hair straightning, perming, twisting are common reasons.

Besides routine medical line of treatment, various newer modalities are as follows:

Laser comb

Low level laser light is useful for hair loss, baldness, gray hairs. It increases micro circulation to hair follicles and induces active new growth of hairs. It is done once a week for around 3 to 4 months.


This therapy is useful for alopecia. Cock tail of hair growth factors, peptides, stem cells, vitamins and various proteins are inserted in mesoderm near hair roots by mesogun which increases microcirculation and boosters hair growth. It helps to maintain hair follicles in anagen ( active ) phase.


Platelet rich plasma is also used effectively for controlling hair fall and for baldness. Patients own blood is used to get growth factor containing Platelet rich plasma, which is then injected in scalp.