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Antiaging Treatments.

Antiaging Treatments

Skin being the part of the body ages proportionately. Skin in contrast to other body organs may age more rapidly if it is exposed to harsh external influences. Since Ultraviolet light is one of the major determinants of ageing in the skin, skin ageing is also called as photoageing.

Though ageing is not preventable, many surgical and non-surgical modalities have been invented to alter the ageing process. With the advent of less invasive dermatologic procedures and minimum downtime, it is not surprising to see the exponential rise in cosmetic antiageing procedures. Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Treatments are popular and well accepted as they "Turn Back Time Without Going Under The Knife". A beautiful face is thought to be the most important factor for determining overall attractiveness, particularly in case of female beauty. Hence most of the antiageing procedures are done on face.

Management of ageing skin can be considered in three levels: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary level.

Primary interventions includes avoiding risk factors which contribute to ageing. Some of the tips suggested are:

  • Regular use of sunscreens and strategies to avoid sun
  • Eating plenty of fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables
  • Regular exercise
  • Adequate sleep
  • Adequate use of moisturizers to prevent dryness
  • Avoiding smoking and excess of alcohol
  • Avoiding stress

Secondary interventions include early detection and treatment to prevent or reduce obvious changes occurring in ageing skin. Oral Vit. E and other Antioxidants are useful. Topical moisturizers, topical retinoids, Vit. C serums, alfa hydroxyl acid preparations are useful.

Tertiary interventions include treatment of established ageing skin by both medical and surgical modalities. Various invasive and non invasive treatments are available nowadays.

  • Chemical Peels: Various alpha or beta hydroxyl acids are used for rejuvenation. They cause mild exfoliation and collagen remodeling, They are useful in early ageing changes like, pigmentary changes, fine lines rough texture.
  • Skin Polishing or Microdermabrasion: By suction compression of fine crystal on skin there is mild exfoliation and skin polishing effect. It is also useful for early textural changes in ageing.
  • Botulinium toxin : Wrinkles are also caused by hyperdynamic movement of muscles, resulting in furrows over the period of time. Botulinium toxin injections in these tight muscles relaxes them and wrinkles are decreased. But they need to be injected after few months period.
  • Fillers: Soft tissue augmentation is done by volume replacement in wrinkles and folds. Also useful for lip augmentation. Patients own fat can also be used instead of fillers. These procedure are also labeled as liquid face lifts.
  • Lasers : They are useful for fine as well as deep wrinkles. They wound the skin to the level of dermis and during wound healing organized , ultra structural remodeling of dermis produces smoother, firmer and rejuvenated skin. With advent of Fractional Laser healing occurs rapidly with minimal downtime.
  • Thread lifts: Absorbable treads are inserted underneath the skin. Because of collagen deposition around threads skin pulls up and tightens.
  • Others: Few other modalities include Radiofrequency, Intense Pulse Light treatment, Infrared Lasers, Dermabrasion, Dermarollers, lipolysis, Surgical face lifts.

Different treatment modalities can be combined to achieve maximum benefits with minimum risk.